Yacht Registration

Our professional expertise in the field of yacht registration and offshore company management enable us to  provide a comprehensive and personal service to yacht owners worldwide.

The port of registry of a yacht determines a vessel's nationality. It is a little like a passport for a boat. However, the increasingly complex regulations around the world and especially the EU, require yacht owners to carefully consider the most suitable Port of Registry. Each Port of Registry has its own advantages and disadvantages . Landsberg & Associates can assist yacht owners to make the right decision, taking all considerations into account.

The requirements to complete the registration of the vessel will vary depending on the type of registration that is applied for (e.g. pleasure, commercial, bareboat charter) and the dimensions of the yacht. Typically yachts of over 24 meters in length will be required to present extra documentation and surveys to the respective Shipping Registry.

The decision about which Port of Registry to choose,  often invoke questions relating to financial structuring and tax planning, in order to achieve the most cost effective and suitable setup for owning and managing one’s yacht.

We are able to advise yacht potential and existing yacht owners on the most appropriate structure for holding the ownership, management and operation of their yacht.

Often this would involve setting up a corporate structure offshore in the country of registration. We consider all of the implications relating to VAT, tax, finance, convenience, etc. and have the experience to assist clients to overcome most of these challenges with relative ease

Company Formation and Ownership Structuring

Contracts and Transactional Services

We can help owners and yacht builders navigate through the complex series of transactions involved in acquiring, disposing or constructing a yacht.

From selecting the design team, naval architects, marine engineers, and interior decorators, to selecting and negotiating with the right yard, Landsberg & Associates brings years of experience and industry contacts to the table.

Drafting the relevant contracts, incorporating the plans, specifications, work schedules and payment plan for a new yacht is a highly specific and complex task. It requires a person who not only has the appropriate legal background and training, but also the sailing experience and understanding to best serve the needs of yachting clients.

We are able to offer mediation services for resolving any disputes that may arise between any of the several parties typically involved in the construction of a new yacht.

Landsberg & Associates have many years of international commercial law experience and are well connected in the international legal arena.

Using a yacht for commercial purposes involves several contractual arrangements some of which include crew employment, charter contracts and brokerage mandates. We are able to advise yacht owners how to navigate through the legal requirements and contracts required for turning their yachts into revenue generating tools.